To keep up with the development of new technology and ever increasing flood of information one needs a strategy. Best way I know so far is: learn how to learn. Regardless if you are fourteen or forty - you need skills to learn new skills efficiently. If you had such training as part of your past education - good for you! I didn’t, so here’s a couple of free resources that were invaluable to me.

I started with “Learning how to learn” on coursera - very enjoyable experience with great practical advice on learning new skills. Free anki deck is available for the course. I find a weekly course newsletter very usefull as well.

Another great resource for inspiration and advice is Dr. Richard W. Hamming’s lectures, particularly “Intro to The Art of Doing Science and Engineering: Learning to Learn” and rest of the course. Last lecture in the course is “You and your research” - a masterpiece.

When you know how to learn and why, it is much easier to focus on more salient questions: what to learn? What is important?