I’m Ivan Kuznetsov. This is my homepage.

I intend to exercise my writing muscle by spreading the word of good tech. All kinds of good:

  • good tools to build things with (like C programming language)
  • tools that greatly improve our everyday life (like electric toothbrush)
  • ways to do good in the world using tech (like effective charity)

First example would be the tech behind this blog itself: it’s built with Jekyll on GitHub Pages. I absolutely love this setup. It’s simple, it’s distributed and it just works! On top of that, it does not cost any money to host it (given that I already own domain name).

Read more about this technology: Documentation GitHub

Update: sure enough, 2 month later Ruby snap updated to 2.7 and my Jekyll setup became incompatible with it. Most “fun” thing is: broken part was EventMachine (1.2.7), which Jekyll needs because it’s a dependency of… em-websocket! What static blog generator has to do with websockets? That’s not a good tech, sorry. But that’s quite a learning experience!