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My name is Ivan Kuznetsov. I am a programmer from St. Petersburg, Russia.

You can reach me with email

Some good things on the internet:

  1. Learn how to learn
  2. Mike Acton’s CppCon’14 talk
  3. Handmade Hero
  4. Raylib

Games that I like:

  1. The Witness
  2. TIS-100

Learn how to learn

Popular course by Barbara Oakley is enjoyable experience with great practical advice on learning new skills. Free weekly newsletter is helpful, even long after completing the course.

Another great resource for inspiration and advice is Dr. Richard W. Hamming’s lectures, particularly Intro to The Art of Doing Science and Engineering: Learning to Learn. Last lecture in the course is You and your research - a masterpiece.

Mike Acton’s CppCon’14 talk

Main topic is physical reality of computing (that’s where the title of this page comes from).

Handmade Hero

Modern computer game built in C from scratch (no libraries). Recorded on video, step-by-step. Over 600 episodes and counting. As an aspiring game programmer, I find it fascinating.

I recommend to check out other Casey’s stuff, especially his upcoming C programming course.


A simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming

NOTE for ADVENTURERS: raylib is a programming library to enjoy videogames programming; no fancy interface, no visual helpers, no auto-debugging… just coding in the most pure spartan-programmers way.

The Witness

My favourite game, by far.

I follow it’s creator, Jonathan Blow, closely, as he works on a new game and a new programming language.


Deep and fun game about programming

I recommend to check out other games by Zachtronics as well.